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Start your own advertising business! Not an affiliate program! You get all the money instantly in your account! No tech experience necessary! We set up everything for you!

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So Whats The Deal?

If you are looking for a product to sell online which is really easy to sell
stop here!

We can set you up with your own Advertising business where you keep all the money!

This is not affiliate program where you earn 20% or even 50%.
You earn 100% of the money.

We will set you up with your own professional website with your own domain name and your own payment links.

Click Here to make sure the Domain Name you want to use is available.

This is not a self replicated website but your own professional website with your own domain name.

We will set up the order links so that ALL the money goes directly into your account! Instantly!

That is right. You do not have to wait for commissions payments or checks in the mail. When someone orders a $12 Ad Club membership from your new get all the money directly into your account!

This program is great for beginners because you do not need to know any web design. Our professional web designers will set you up with your own website with your own domain name.

The price for the Ad Club membership that you are selling to your
customers is set for $12. per year.

We have sold 1000s of yearly memberships!

Keep in mind the price is $12. per year. This means that the payments automatically renew each year unless the customer cancels!

Selling $12 memberships we have ever found!

Not only do you make money on the initial sale, but you also make your money when the billing renews automatically the next year!

We have thousands of paid members in our advertising club. All the members have not only paid to be in the club but they have confirmed two times that they are ready and willing to receive your advertisements!

Click Here to see what your new Advertising Biz will look like.

Your new advertising biz is completely setup for you!

When your customer orders an Ad Club membership from your site you get all the money and then they are redirected to a form where they can register for the Ad Club membership.

Not only that, being a Advertising Business owner you also make $15 commissions whenever you refer someone that starts their own Advertising biz!

We host all the complicated "back end database stuff" for the Ad Club so you do not have to worry about that.

Your members can then present their ads to thousands of proven internet buyers everyday without worrying about software, emails or anything controversial or complicated!

Everyone is looking to promote their product or service on the internet so
this is super easy to sell!

This is the easiest internet business I have ever found! I have sold 1000s of memberships! I just love seeing those orders pour in!

Better yet,it has now been just one year since I started promoting Ad Club memberships and now the yearly renewals are starting to come in automatically!


The Ad Club Biz is EVERYTHING you said it would be. I was making a profit by the second day! It's by far the easiest sale I've come across in a long time. Keep up the good work. Craig,

*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.

I have Read and Agree to the Purchase Agreement Terms.

Click Here To Order Your Advertising Biz Now!

We have sold thousands of these $12 memberships, so we believe that with some basic promotion that there are real possibilities here.

This is just common sense. Would you pay only $12. per year to present your program or product to 1000s of proven internet buyers everyday! Sure! That is a great deal!

Imagine if you just sold 3 $12 memberships per day. That would an extra $1080. per month! Not too bad!

What if you sold 3 $15 refferals per day. Thats $1350. per month!

What if you sold three of each per day.Thats almost $2430. per month!

Of course we cannot guarantee these exact numbers but we are just showing you the possibilities. Being an Ad Club biz owner also has some great advantages.

We provide you with FREE ADVERTISING TOOLS to get
you selling right away!

It is in our best interest that your business is a success.

We could not survive online without our biz owners ringing in sales.

Continue reading, you will soon learn how valuable our offer truly is.

If you sold a mere 2 $12 memberships a day that is some darn good money,

Like any business opportunity there is risk and we cannot guarantee that you
will make money but we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you!

We are not just going to set up your site and leave.

We have promoted many products on the internet. Some with success others not. Ad Club memberships have been by far the easiest & hottest sale we have found on the internet. It really has worked for us. We have sold these memberships almost every single day for years. We love hearing from owners who make their first sale of any kind on the internet with this program. It gives them the confidence to continue with other programs.

The cost to set up your professional Ad Club business is only $29.95 then $9.95 per month for your hosting.

We cannot stress this enough, if you are interested in making money on the internet this is definitely worth considering.

You get the following for your $29.95

1. First month web hosting is included in the $29.95 You are going to receive your own professional unix hosting account with a control panel. The going rate for this type of hosting account is $15. per month. The cost to maintain your entire operation is $15. Not bad!
This is included in your $29.95 set-up fee.

3. Your site completely set up, including order links going to your account by a professional web designer. This is not some self replicated site. You will have a professional web designer personally set up your site on your server. Go try and find a pro web designer to even talk with you for $29.95!
This is included in your $29.95 set-up fee.

4. Professional Auto-Responder Account - 11 Pre-made sales letters are also included to remind your prospects of your new Ad Club biz. We also sign you up for our affiliate program. This way you will receive a $25. commmission if anyone orders a Advertising Club BUSINESS like yours from your site! This is over 50% commission!

Having an active & fully loaded autoresponder is like having money in the bank. Your autoresponder will do ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!

This is fully automated!

This is included in your $29.95 set-up fee.

The only other expense involved is reserving a domain name. This usually only costs about 4-8 dollars per year. To register your own domain name right now click here. Or you can just order and you will be told how to get your own domain name after you order. Remember this is your website and business YOU own the domain name not us. This is why we have YOU register it in YOUR name. Do not worry. If you get confused along the way we will help you.

Special! For a limited time only! Register by midnight, , and receive 1,000 full page views to your new site plus the following bonuses!

Bonus #1:

Giant Package of 200 Products with Master Resell Rights-

Giant Package of 200 Products with Master Resell Rights
 Value $397.00

I do not want to write long description about this Giant Bonus. This package includes 200 Products with Master Resell Rights.

Bonus #2:

Secrets Of Elite Marketers -

Secrets Of Elite Marketers
 Value $397.00

Over 120+ Hours of MP3 Audio Files Featuring Todayís Most Successful & Well-Known Internet Marketers Ö

Bonus #3:

FREE Money Making Website-

Full MASTER FREE Money Makeing Website
Value $397.00

Discover How You Could Make $200 to $1,500+ a Day Online With Your Own FREE Website!


Bonus #4:

Giant Package of 106 Niche Products with Master Resell Rights-

Full MASTER Giant Package of 106 Niche Products with Master Resell Rights
Value $397.00

I do not want to write long description about this Giant Bonus. This package includes 106 Master Resell Rights plus 14 Guides.


That is right. If you order today we will send 1000 real visitors to your site plus all the bonuses listed above. We are not only going to set up your site for you. We are going to help you promote the site as well! We have purchased over 1 million full page views from a major traffic source. We have tested this source and consistently made sales with this traffic. Order today and we will turn on the traffic!

In addiion Mike G. has authorized me to give our customers at no cost, yet another one of his seminars on CD, "Don't
Shoot The Messenger, and Everything You Need To Know
About Advertising On The Net Before You Learn Anything
About Advertising On The Net."
I have personally listened
to this downloadable CD and I highly recommend it.
This is a great introduction to how to advertise on the
from someone who practices what he preaches. A $69. value.

All $12 memberships sold after (3) $12 sales is pure profit for the first month. After the first month you only need 1 sale to be in profit!

Folks, having your own INTERNET BUSINESS does not get any easier!

Can you imagine a business where you only have to make (3) $12. sales
to make a profit?

Your Success Is Our Success!

Click Here To Order Your Advertising Biz Now

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